Introducing KP's mobile version

1. In the global calendar section, you can easily use the features of a global, solar and lunar calendar on your mobile phone and use it to enjoy the day and month of business appointments and the time of your deals.

2. At World Clock, you can find out at the time of the 8th most important trading country in China, Japan, the United States, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

3. In the exchange rate section, you can find out and use the instantaneous fluctuations of the exchange rate and coin at the global price.

A 4-PI provides you with a comprehensive database of currency exchange agencies, clearing houses, insurance companies, inspection companies, domestic and international transport companies, businesses and manufacturing factories and stores with full access to Has gathered details.

5. In the calculation of your entry fee, you can easily calculate your import import import rate by pressing a button and estimate your profit.

6. In the HRS code, you will always have a complete copy of the Export-Import Regulation Law.

7. In the section dedicated to students and scholars, you can read various comprehensive articles in the field of customs, commerce, insurance and transportation. Stay up to date with the iPad. Every month, your new update will surprise you.

AkP In your pocket !