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Ariyan Kamali s project This website is owned by Aryan Kamali Dolatabadi, and has been registered with personal capital and has been listed in the 10,000 business collections on this website.
E-QIP is formed in order to join our beloved Iran in e-commerce, and it is our pleasure to announce that AKP is the first comprehensive e-commerce and e-commerce website that does not have any domestic or even external connectivity.
The objectives followed by AKP are as follows:
1. Comprehensive database compilation of all businesses that are in any way related to trade and the world of commerce, including international shipping companies, traders, dispensers, inspecting, insurance, banks and stores with the option of categories Their detailed and specialized listings.
2. All businesses that are somehow associated with the World Trade Organization in our beloved country have an official page to showcase their products and services to their customers.
The 3rd AKP is working to increase the country's production and increase its national production as well as improve exports to neighboring countries in order to improve the status of Iranian exports in international societies.
4KP brings high quality and competitive rates to products and services as well as satisfaction of the deal for consumers.
5. Efforts to change the traditional way of doing business and to change it in a modern and applied way in the current era of global commerce are at the heart of the KP's goals.
6. Creation of a powerful commercial network and safe and easy trading space in the territory of the country and the prosperity of the domestic market of the country between small and large cities.
7-Security in the space of buying and selling goods or services between the seller and the buyer.
8. Evaluate and accurately measure the target market in the form of online, fast and cost-free marketing for dear merchants.
9. Publication of useful business ads to attract and develop talent.
10. Introducing the best companies and stores based on the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the goods or services provided to customers in their category in the weekly selection section of the AKP.
11. Introducing new products or new services that are offered on the domestic business market to keep consumers current.
12-KP allows users to display their goods and services at a competitive rate throughout the year at any time in the AKP auction.
13-Immediate trade for encouraging the general business owners and eliminating middlemen is the main motto of the AKP.

In the end, I hope that this website will overcome the need for the community of commerce to a certain degree. AKP welcomes any investment.

Terms and Conditions

In mind, in order to facilitate and create a personalized collection of business collections, ApplePlus may in some cases modify the terms, terms, or titles of your product or service in some cases. You are also authorized to disable any message, advertisement or photo that you submit to this site or any other account and other information that is related to you or created by you at any time, in any manner that is necessary.
 If the competent authority has ordered the removal of the product or service images or the personal page of the selected collection, then the CA will immediately remove it. Also, if users report a violation of the ads or product images and services or a personal page set of more than 5 items, then AKPmay, at its sole discretion, attempt to remove or disable the page. In the last two assumptions, AKP has no responsibility for the refund of the payment for the removed advertisement.
Some of the AKP's rules are as follows:

1-AKPdoes not have any responsibility for the refund of the payment for the removed advertisement to the user, unless the two parties to the commercial agreement agree to be bound by Kyzaschu as the guarantor of the transaction and submit their application to the address Email info@AKPSHO.COM.
2. Images of products or services, as well as the registration of banners and auctions, should be in accordance with the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran; otherwise, they will be obliged to disable them.
3. To send any messages that have no commercial, political, social or religious concepts, and to send disturbing messages and insults to the official religions of the country, customs, customs, ethnicities, dialects and dialects which are provided by users to the AKP Report that your account will be blocked.
4-pages of non-licensed collections for businesses are disabled by E-mail.
5. Pyramid networks and similar illegal and unlawful economic activities
6. Any misuse of the mobile phone number or e-mail address is subject to prosecution in the registration of the advertisement and the advertiser is responsible for it; and AKP has no responsibility in this regard.
7. The insertion of the advertisement should be in line with the business and business collections; otherwise, the advertisement will be disabled.
8-Ads or images of the products or services included in the auction section that are registered more than once during a day are disabled by Epson.
9. If you insert any inappropriate message below the images or in the poll section of the account, it will be blocked by E-mail.
10-Creating a Usage Page for Online Stores on eBay is prohibited.
11. The KP application is not liable to any user for the refund of the payment for the removed advertisement unless the two parties to the commercial agreement agree to be bound by the AKP as a guarantee of the transaction and submit their application to the address Email info@AKPSHO.COM.
12-APK does not have any responsibility for the sale and supply of goods that have a material and financial loss for the buyer, and, if reported, will block the collection page.
13-Entering the account number in the text of the images of the products or services and the sale of the auction is prohibited and, if viewed, the account will be disabled by AKP.
14. Requesting Cash Assistance or Prepay for Transactions
15-Services, Offices and Leasing Companies with the exception of authorized dealers by providing a license
16-Selling software or books without a license for publication and other violations of the "Law on the Protection of the Rights of Authors, Artists and Artists"
17-Programs and methods for filtering, VPN and services or goods related to antenna installation, satellite launch or satellite internet
18-Description of images and banners as well as page information in Persian
19. Use a tool for the person's images in the ad, insert a photograph of a person's face or use a child's photo to introduce goods and services whose audience is not children.
20. Use phrases or words such as: buyer, sale, special, rand, cheap, new, under price, exception, phone, auction and the like
21-violates the privacy of individuals
22-Contrary to the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the custom of society
23-APP provides some communication facilities such as chat to facilitate communication, reduce interruptions and increase transactions. User talk should be limited to specific advertisements regarding the provision or receipt of goods and services, and its use for other purposes, including private communication, is not permitted. By providing intelligent security environment for transactions, while storing information and analyzing them automated, AKP's provide intelligence, suggestions and services based on their communication tools. Therefore, it should be recalled that, unlike other communication environments that are subject to privacy standards, communications on the Internet should only be related to transactions, and KPCS to create a secure environment and prevent abuse and harassment, on these tools. It may take mechanical or human monitoring, if necessary.