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  • Address : unit 4-39 building-mirza koochak khan-after hafez-jomhuri st-Tehran-Iran
  • About us : Jam Jam Trading Co., is the first official representative of Japan Yamaha in Iran, established since 1364 by Mr. Ali Sharbani. Since 1998, Mr. Hossein Sharbani has been using academic education in business management from the University. Tehran as well as commercial experience in the US. The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates combine Father's experiences with the scientific prin ...
  • About us :

    Jam Jam Trading Co., is the first official representative of Japan Yamaha in Iran, established since 1364 by Mr. Ali Sharbani. Since 1998, Mr. Hossein Sharbani has been using academic education in business management from the University. Tehran as well as commercial experience in the US. The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates combine Father's experiences with the scientific principles of modern management, using modern management techniques and a team of experts, composed of experts and professors in the field of providing advice, sales, training and delivery of piano-after-sales services. , With the benefit of the teachers of the University of Tehran, have succeeded in providing new services to the students and artists of this landmark. Jam Jame Trading Co. is a 30-year-long importer, sales and after-sales service of various types of pianos and other Yamaha products, with four branches in different parts of Tehran and the beautiful Kish Island offering pianos and other Yamaha products. Updates to your loved ones. We have always been satisfied with the customers 'satisfaction and have striven not only at the time of sale, but also afterwards with the best service to meet customers' needs. In this regard, with the help of God, we have been able to provide different services under the Golden Guarantee of the Cup, which has exceeded the services provided by Yamaha's after sales service companies in other countries, including repair warranty and even replacement, if necessary. We have been able to meet the demands of the right customers in the best and in the shortest possible time. Jam Jum Trading is the only piano credential credentials that includes the warranty, transfer and cookie documents and other services provided to respected buyers. Jamnagar Business Ethics Charter: 1. Buying from Jam Jam Trading is not a deal's end but a commitment. 2. Respect for the freedom of choice of our customers is our duty. 3. Respecting the time and time of our customers is our duty. 4. We are obliged to help those interested in getting to know the instruments and making the right choices in the appropriate chooser. 5. We appreciate the comments and opinions of our customers. 6. We are committed to helping our customers to make the most of their choice of equipment. Jam Gem Trading has been proud to collaborate with many Islamic artists in our quarterly century in the field of art and music.

Royal acoustic piano Yamaha C7 PE
Classic guitar C80
PSR-E453 educational keyboard
Adjustable chair
Acoustic Violin V3SKA-44
DTX500 electronic drama
Yamaha Digital Piano P-45
Yamaha Digital Piano NP-32
Yamaha Digital Piano NP-12
Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-103
Yamaha Digital Piano DGX-660
Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-144
Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-164
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-635
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-725
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-735
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-645
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-745
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-765GP
Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-143
Yamaha Digital Piano CSP-150
Yamaha Digital Piano CSP-170
Yamaha Digital Piano CVP-709
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP -685
Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-625
Yamaha wall acoustic piano U1J
Yamaha wall acoustic piano JX113
Yamaha Wall Acoustic Piano JU 109
Yamaha wall acoustic piano M3
Yamaha wall acoustic piano M2
Yamaha wall acoustic piano U1
Yamaha wall acoustic piano YUS3
Yamaha wall acoustic piano YUS1
Yamaha wall acoustic piano U3
Yamaha wall acoustic piano JU109-SILENT
Yamaha wall acoustic piano M5
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano DGB1K
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano GB1K wh
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano GB1K pe
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano C3X
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano C7 PE
Royal Yamaha Acoustic Piano C1X PE
classic guitar C80
classic guitar C70
classic guitar C40
classic guitar CG162
classic guitar CG142
classic guitar CX40
classic guitar NTX500
classic guitar CG122MS
classic guitar CG102
classic guitar CG122MC
classic guitar CGX122MCC
classic guitar CGX122MSC
classic guitar CM40
classic guitar CG182S
classic guitar GL1
classic guitar CG182SF
classic guitar CGS104A
classic guitar CGS103A
classic guitar NCX1200R
classic guitar NCX900R
classic guitar NCX700C
classic guitar C40M
classic guitar CS40
classic guitar C45
classic guitar c390
classic guitar c315
classic guitar NTX700
classic guitar CG151S
classic guitar CGS102A
classic guitar c330
Acoustic Guitar FG820
Acoustic Guitar F370
Acoustic Guitar F310
Acoustic Guitar FG830
Acoustic Guitar JR2
Acoustic Guitar F310P
Acoustic Guitar CPX600
Acoustic Guitar CPX700 ll
Acoustic Guitar APX700
Acoustic Guitar F370DW
Acoustic Guitar FG800
Acoustic Guitar APX600
Acoustic Guitar FG800M
Acoustic Guitar FX310A
Acoustic Guitar JR2
Acoustic Guitar FG720-1
Acoustic Guitar FX370C
Acoustic Guitar APX500
Acoustic Guitar LL6
Acoustic Guitar A1M
Acoustic Guitar CPX500lll
Acoustic Guitar JR1
Acoustic Guitar A3M
Acoustic Guitar A3R
Acoustic Guitar FG820L
Acoustic Guitar FG820-12
electric guitar PAC112J
electric guitar ERG121GPII
electric guitar EG112GPII
electric guitar RGX220DZ
electric guitar RGX121Z
electric guitar PAC012
electric guitar RGX420DZll
electric guitar RS320
electric guitar PAC120H
electric guitar RS620
electric guitar RS502T
electric guitar RS502
electric guitar RS420
electric guitar RSP20CR
electric guitar RS720B
Silent Guitar SLG200S TRL BLACK
Silent Guitar SLG200N
Guitar amplifier THR100H
Guitar amplifier THR10C
Guitar amplifier THR5
Guitar amplifier THRC112
Educational keyboard PSR-E36
Educational keyboard PSR-E373
Educational keyboard PSR-F51
Educational keyboard PSR-E453
Educational keyboard PSR-E463
Educational keyboard PSR-A350
Educational keyboard PSR-E263
Educational keyboard PSR-EW400
Educational keyboard PSR-E353
Educational keyboard PSR-E363
Educational keyboard PSR-E253
Wooden base music accessories P45 -P125
Professional music accessories for headphones Oneodio
Digital Piano Headphone Music Accessories
Digital piano chair music accessories
Acoustic piano chair music accessories
Adjustable chair music accessories
Soft Case Keyboard Music Accessories
Metal keyboard base music accessories
Yamaha Fabric Chair Music Accessories
Witner Metronome Music Accessories
Royal Piano Cover Music Accessories
Soft music accessories for classical guitar case
Guitar Basic Music Accessories
Soft Music Accessories Acoustic Guitar Case
Music Accessories Hard Case Classic Guitar Style
Base music accessories
Music accessories under the feet of the guitar
HPH PRO 300 Headphone Music Accessories
Original PA -3C Music Adapter Accessories
EPH R32 Headphone Music Accessories
YAMAHA EPH-R52 Headphone Music Accessories
EPH-RS01 Music Accessories
EPH M200 Headphone Music Accessories
EPH W32 Headphone Music Accessories
EPH W22 Headphone Music Accessories
Dadario EXL 120 guitar string music accessories
Dadario EJ49 Guitar String Music Accessories
Dadario EXL 130 guitar string music accessories
Electric accessories for electric guitar and Yamaha bass
Savarz 500CR Guitar String Music Accessories
Suvarez 570 CR Guitar String Music Accessories
Band CBR15
Band CBR12
Band CBR10
Band DSR112
Band DBR15
Band DXR10
Band DSR215
Band DSR115
Band S115V
Band S112V
Band DXR15
Band DXS18
Band R115
Band R112
Band c215
Band c115v
Band A10
Band CW118V
Band s215v
Band DZR10
Band DZR12
Band DSR118W
Band DBR12
Band DXS12MKll
Band VXC3F
Band NS-AW392
Band NS-AW294
Band BR15
Band VXC4
Band DXS15
Band VXC8W
Band VXC6
Band MSP3
Band MSR400
Band DXR12
Band NS-AW194
Band c112v
Band VXS10ST
Band VXS10S
Band VS4
Band R215
Band BR10
Band VXS10SW
Band R15M
Band R12M
Band R118W
Band CM10 V
Band SM10 V
Band SW218 V
Band SM12
Band SW115V
Band CM15V
Band CW115V
Band SW118V
Band SM15V
Band MSR800W
Band CM12V
Monitoring speaker HS8
Monitoring speaker HS8S
Monitoring speaker HS7I
Monitoring speaker MSP7
Monitoring speaker MSP5
Monitoring speaker HS5I
mixer MGP16X
mixer MGP12X
mixer MG16 XU
mixer MGP32X
mixer MGP24X
mixer TF3
mixer TF5
mixer 01V96i
amplifier PX3
amplifier PX10
amplifier PX8
Power Mixer EMX7
Power Mixer EMX5
Power Mixer EMX512SC
Power Mixer XM4180
Power Mixer XMV4280
Power Mixer XMV8140
Power Mixer XMV8140
Power Mixer XMV4140
Power Mixer XMV8280
Power Mixer XMV8140-D
Power Mixer XMV4140-D
Power Mixer EMX5016CF
Power Mixer EMX5014C
Power Mixer XMV4280-D
Ceiling speaker VXS3F
Ceiling speaker VXS1 ML
Ceiling speaker IF2112M/64
Ceiling speaker IF2108
Ceiling speaker VXS3F T
Ceiling speaker NS-IC800
Ceiling speaker VXS3S
Ceiling speaker IF3115/95
Ceiling speaker IF2112/AS
Ceiling speaker NS-IC600
Ceiling speaker NS-IC400
Studio peripherals IS1118
Studio peripherals RIO1608-D
Studio peripherals CMA3SW
Studio peripherals CMA1MW
Studio peripherals IS1218
Processor mixer DME8I-C
Processor mixer DME4IO-ES
Processor mixer DME4IO-C
Processor mixer DME8O-ES
Processor mixer DME8O-C
Processor mixer DME8I-ES
amplifier TX5N
amplifier PC2001N
amplifier PA2120
amplifier P7000
amplifier P5000
amplifier TX6N
Silent violin SV-250
Silent violin SV-130
Silent violin YEV 104
Silent violin YSV 104
Acoustic violin V3SKA-44
Acoustic violin V7SG
Electronic drum DTX502
Electronic drum DTX522K
Electronic drum DTX430 K
Electronic drum DTXPL
Electronic drum DTX500
Electronic drum DTP532
Melodica P-32D
Melodica P-37D
Flute YFL-372
Flute YFL-212
Flute YFL-482H
Flute YFL-472H
Flute YFL-472
Flute YFL-471
Flute YFL-777H
Flute YFL-211
Recorder flute YRN-302B II
Recorder flute YRN-302B II
Recorder flute YRS -24 B
Recorder flute YRS -24 B
Recorder flute YRS-23
Recorder flute YRA-302B
Recorder flute YRS-302B
Recorder flute YRA-27-28
Recorder flute YRT-304 Blll
Recorder flute YRA-314B
Recorder flute YRS-314B
Recorder flute YRA-38B III
Recorder flute YRB-302 Bll
Saxophone YAS-26
Saxophone YTS-280
Saxophone YAS-280
Saxophone YAS-62
Saxophone YTS-26
Saxophone YTS-23
Saxophone YAS-480
Saxophone YBS-62
Saxophone YTS-62
Saxophone YSS-875EX
Saxophone YTS-480
Saxophone YSS-475II
trumpet YTR-2330
trumpet YTR-4435 S II
trumpet YTR-3335S
trumpet YTR-3335
trumpet YTR-2330S
trumpet YTR-4435
trumpet YTR-8345
trumpet YTR-6330F
trumpet YTR-6335
trumpet YTR-8310Z
trumpet YTR-9335NYS
Clarinet YCL-CX-A
Clarinet YCL-450
Clarinet YCL-255
Clarinet YCL-CSVR
Clarinet YCL-CSVR
Clarinet YCL-CXE
Clarinet YCL-221
Trombone YSL-354E
Trombone YSL-882 OR 02
Trombone YBL-822G
French Horn YHR-302M
French Horn YHR-667D
French Horn YHR-322II
Alto Horn YAH-203
Baritone Horn YBH-301